Pausing my race, but not for too long period.

2 years ago I’ve decided to change my career and startet to collect knowledge from different sites. The goal was to become a data scientist. You can take a look at my learning path to see, what exact I was doing during this period. Besides that I’ve participated in a dozen of competitions – 10 on Kaggle and 2 more were hackatones. Over 100 ML models. Some of them were good, some – not. And, of course, I tried to apply to a new job.

360 applications. 292 times my CV was watched. 3 invitations. 1 interview. And no results.

Also I tried to start online data analytics schools, this could help me to more attractive diploma (maybe they do not believe in Coursera?) and a new job after 8-9 months. Two different schools (MTS and X5). Both sent me a reject, both times I did not receive any adequate feedback. Just common words about too many candidates and that my level was lower than the required. I hope It actually was about my knowledge, not age – the second thing can’t be fixed )

Well, what now? This period was very important for me, as any other learning I found it useful. Now I can see more things from the other side.

I got a new work as a cost estimator. And my attempts to work as a data scientist will be on hold, until I will be sure that there’s no risk for burnout any more. I’m going just to finish one of my scheduled courses and then pay more attention to pet-projects. All the time my website exists, you could see a kitten there.

After all I have a family, they were waiting for me to return all this time. I could do nothing without their support.

P.S. About my blog. I’ve deleted all the previous records. It will look another way now, more technical and less personal.

Pausing my race, but not for too long period.
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